WP User frontend PRO

Today I will present WP User frontend PRO.
Those are the function that WP User frontend PRO has:

– Create diffrent post forms

– Profile Builder

– Create Registration Forms

– Dashboard Platform – The users will be able to change the posted forms inside the dashboard platform.

– Create custom fields

This is practically the best plugin to use if you need to have a section where users can post blogs, submit question, submit events or any other type of submissions. Also you can create signup forms with custom configuration.

In the beginning I was thinking that is very hard to use it but in time I manage to figure out how to do all the configurations. After you will install the plugin you need to go an create your form in the Form section of the plugin. Here you will be able to customize your submission form the way you want. Also all the forms that you will create you will be able to control if the user will be required to fill up the information or not.

In Forum editor section you will see a lot of custom fields. You can add title fields, Feature images, tags, category, you can let the user to update images, email fields, capcha field you can even add google maps.

In post edit section you will be able to customize the status of the post as being published directly on the website, in draft or in pending section. You can also specify the default post category and where the user will be redirected after the post will be published. In this way you have full control of the post.

Edit section – ok so this is the plece that you have to configure if you want to manage any editing that a subscriber will do after the post get’s published. If you will want to have full control over what he will write you can set the post to go to draft section for example and you will need to approve the edit that he made to the post. If you don’t wanna do that just leave that as normal. Also you can set up the redirect page after the subscriber will click the update button.

In the notification area you will be able to set up your email address as primary notification service. So if the post is created you will get a notification and you will have to log in the system to approve the post, in that way it will became public.

After you done all of these all you will have to do is to get the shortcode id and set it up on a page. The shortcode will look something like this: [wpuf_form id=”549″]

Also with WP User frontend PRO you can set up different types of memberships. You can charge the subscriber for each post that he will submit on your website or you can create subscription membership packages with different types of pricing. You will be able to set them up in the payment section.

Here is different types of forms that I created with WP User frontend PRO:

[ez_tabs tab1=”Event Form” tab2=”Question Form” tab3=”Registration Form” tab4=”Business Form”]









Here is a video that will show you how to instal and use WP User frontend PRO let me know if you have additional questions.

[ez_youtube url=”http://youtu.be/pK3nLeR2fzc” width=”640″ height=”360″ autoplay=”0″ autohide=”2″ controls=”1″]


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If you find any new coupons please drop me a message or post a comment, so I can update the list.